What we do

We deal with babywearing basics.

Sounds easy in the first place, but we are producer and supplier as well. We develop our products (Kumja the jacket extension to keep you and your baby warm - and the MaMo carrier to hold your baby). We take care of the production, of online support and sales - and management of our local stores.

In the local stores, as well as online, we not only provide our own baby carrier, but also a number of carefully picked other high quality carrier systems (and wraps) from other brands. We aim to give neutral information on the topic in general. Every carrier has its own features. None of them is "the best", since there is so much diversity in physiology of each babywearing "team". Each product has unique qualities that are essential for specific situations. Individual assistance in choosing the right carrier is what we give in our local stores. We guide and help parents to find a practical solution.

Parent´s feedback and demand help us to improve and develop our products. Also, we constantly scan the market for carrier systems and review our range of products to always have a reasonable selection of baby carriers.