MaMo Preemie panel - a new solution to carry premature babies

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Babies who are born before the end of the 37th week of pregnancy, or who weigh less than 2500 g (about 5.5 pounds) are regarded as premature. Worldwide, more than 10% of all babies are preemies.

In Germany, these are 45000 children each year!
For these babies, being held and carried is important. KMC (kangaroo mother care), e.g. holding a baby with skin-to-skin contact, plays an essential role in the care of preterm newborns. The WHO (world health organization) regards KMC as one of the key measures to improve and ensure health (WHO information page).

As soon as a baby is stable enough, parents benefit from being able to move freely after a usually long time of high mental and physical stress levels. Even if it is only a short walk in the park.

For these small, but stable preemies, there is no easy, intuitive baby carrier up to now.

Babywearing in a classic baby wrap of course is a good solution and is possible with the help of a babywearing consultant or another experienced person. But still, for most parents, learning to wrap this small baby is very challenging. There is a risk that parents totally refrain from babywearing because it is too complicated.

The modular system of the MaMo carrier allows the use different panel sizes. The panel is the part of the carrier where the baby is seated.

We developed a prototype of a preemie panel that we showed on the "Tragesymposium", a german conference of babywearing experts.

The panel got shorter than the very first prototype to support the upper body better (that is most important for these small babies). The head rest is adjustable. The panel´s shape and size works for preemies with about 1500 to 2500 g. The spread squad position is integrated (with a very small spread angle and high squad angle). We have to still do more tests, though.

The preemie carrier option will be available in the course of 2020. Sign up to our newsletter to get informed as soon as there are news.