Another customer account?!

Why we ask you to create an account - and what your alternatives are

We understand if you prefer guest checkout (too many password, too much information...). Please give us a minute to explain why we actually still ask you to create an account.

Delete your customer account

First of all: we can delete your account after your order is completed and you are sure everything is fine. Just send us an email or give us a call.

Benefits of the customer account

Kumja the jacket extension is a quite special product and sometimes requires support. Sometimes zip adapters don´t fit, maybe because some detail information was left out in the order process, or wasn´t specified correctly, or maybe we sent you the wrong adapter. Then we directly ship zip adapters in exchange.
Sometimes we have to send multiple adapters because it is not predictable which one will work (we call it "test set"). Exchange and refund without a customer account is difficult without an account that links all the orders.

We try to check if you ordered the right products, with the right amounts. A short call can be an easy and quick alternative to an email - especially if you are waiting for your order to be shipped... That is why we ask you to provide a phone number.

There are different versions and models of our products. Your account and order history gives us the possibility to check if your orders are consistent and if everything works. This applies to Kumja products, as well as MaMo parts. The modular baby carrier consists of different parts that you can order later on, according to your needs.

Of course, you may check the status of your order and your support requests if you are logged in.

We handle your data with care and only use it to make sure you get the right products (according to our data privacy statement).

Alternative ways to place an order

If you still have concerns to create an account, you may as well order via email or telephone. However, the only payment option then is prepayment via bank transfer (SEPA, e.g.).